Below are a series of email templates, tips, learning tools and strategies, and informational guides for you to reference. These include materials generated by the Academic Guides and Learning Consultants at the ARC as well as non-Duke experts.

Email Templates

This email template offers a structure for asking professors about potential research opportunities. View Template

This email template provides a structure for students to use to reach out to faculty who have been their instructor or faculty found in the VLearn directory. View Template

This email template provides a structure to approach a professor about a concern in a class. View Template

This email templates provides a structure for sending a follow-up or reminder email to faculty when you are waiting on their response. View Template

This email template provides a structure for asking your professor to meet at a time outside his/her listed office hours. View Template

This email templates provides a structure for asking for letters of recommendation for graduate schools, research opportunities, grants/fellowships, and jobs. View Template

Learning Resources

Want to learn some proven effective study strategies? Check out these Study Strategies that Work.

Need a way to plan out all your final exams, papers, and projects? Look no further than this Final Exam Planner.

Use this downloadable calendar  to plan out your deadlines and milestones for the Spring 2021 Semester. View Calendar

Want to enhance your studying? Checkout the Study Cycle.

Use this weekly calendar to plan out each week! View Calendar

How To...

Here are some tips for how to better develop relationships with faculty. View Tips

You hear often, “Go to Office Hours,” but what should you talk about? Here are 5 topics you can discuss when you attend office hours. View Topics

Personal issues can be hard to talk about in general, let alone your your professor. So here are some tips to help with these conversations. View Tips

Here are some basic rules to follow when sending email to faculty and staff. View Tips

Whether it is for grad school, a grant, a fellowship, or a job, letters of recommendations are important items needed. Here are some tips for requesting them. View Tips

Do You Know...

You probably often hear that it is important to build relationships with your professors and other faculty. Well here is why that is so important. 

Office Hours can seem confusing and intimidating, but they are an incredibly important resource at college. Here are some reasons to check out office hours. View Tips

Here at Duke, your Academic Dean plays an integral part of your experience, but when should you talk to them? Here are a few times you should be sure to talk with your Dean. View Tips

During your time at Duke you will face many different challenges and have to make many decisions about what you should do. To help with these challenges and decisions it is important to have a “Board of Advisors.” Read why here.

We want to say a special thanks to Duke LIFE, Athletics Advising, Sloan Talbot, and others for their contributions to the creation of these resources.