Actively participate in class.

Participation is usually required and is formally built into course grades. It can also help your professor get to know you. By participating, you demonstrate your understanding of course material and how you think about what you are learning. This helps your professor to see you as a scholar and shows that you are engaged in what is happening during class.

Active participation includes asking questions. It is common for students to feel afraid to ask questions, and you might assume that everyone else understands things better than you do. But this is probably not the case.  

Go to office hours (at least 2-3 times)

Office hours are your chance for individualized time with your professor or instructor. You can use office hours as an opportunity to get in-depth clarification of course material, get your questions answered, and to build rapport.

Read over “But What Do I Say?” Five Topics for Office Hours from the University of Oregon Division of Student Life for tips on what to talk about during office hours when you have questions about content or when you want to work on your professional relationship. Also check out “Using Office Hours Effectively” from the UNC Learning Center for helpful guidelines about why, how and when to use office hours. 

Invite them to VLearn

VLearn offers students the opportunity to connect with faculty outside the classroom, regardless of physical location. 

Stay in Touch 

As you become acquainted with faculty through coursework, office hours, and other ways, consider staying in touch even after the semester ends. Send an email, invite them to coffee, or stop by their office once a semester to discuss your interests and to keep in touch.

What if I want to get to know a professor who is not the instructor for one of my classes?

Send them an email! 

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