Academic Guides

The Academic Guides program integrates academic coaching and whole student support into the fabric of the Duke campus residential experience. From our offices in the residential quads on West Campus, we work with the Housing and Residence Life team to build supportive and intellectually  vibrant communities through programs and events.  Whether these take the form of workshops on drafting a personal statement or conversations with faculty speakers sharing their thoughts on big topics, we aim to enhance the culture of your community.

Academic GuideResidence Hall(s)Office Location
Chase BlackWest Campus Quads & 300 Swift
Hollows A Room 1003

We are currently operating in a hybrid model. Please check with your Academic Guide about virtual and in-person meeting options.

Academic Guides Program
D110, House D, Craven Quad
440 Chapel Drive
P.O. Box 90854
Durham, NC 27708

A “whole student” approach to academic coaching means that we take into account your overall well-being along with your academic questions, concerns, and experiences. By embracing the idea that true academic success comes from overall well-being, our purpose is to support students by helping them forge deep connections at Duke.

Academic Guides perform many of the same roles as other campus resources. We use a holistic approach to delivering academic support services and guidance that emphasizes well-being and personal development. Our offices are located in your residence halls so students can easily access us.

There are many resources available at Duke to support your academic path and your general sense of well-being. Based on what you discuss with your Academic Guide during an appointment, your Guide might suggest that you could benefit from additional support from another Duke office or from programs or events offered by different campus partners, such as DuWell, CAPS, the Academic Resource Center, or the Academic Advising Center. Your Guide might either put you in direct contact with an individual at another office (i.e. make a referal) or provide you with the necessary information about available resources or events offered by another office.

You can certainly ask your Academic Guide for help with your course selection and schedule for a given semester. Often we help you figure out who in your advising network (i.e. your College Advisor, DAE, DUS or Peer Advisors, among others) is best suited to answer your questions.

Yes, your Academic Guide is here to help you reflect on and make decisions about your academic interests and intellectual development. At times you may have specific questions about choosing courses that link to larger questions you have about the field or fields you would like to study. At other times you might want to brainstorm ways to connect your coursework to a professional path or discuss opportunities for research or internships. Your Academic Guide is here to help you think through the small and big picture of your intellectual development.

Booking Appointments

You can schedule an appointment through your Academic Guide’s calendar.

Academic Guides are available for appointments Monday through Friday during times convenient for students. If the Academic Guide for your Quad is unavailable during your preferred time, you are welcome to book an appointment with another Guide. You may also email a Guide if there appear to be no appointments available that fit your schedule, and they will work with you to set a time.

25-minute appointments are a good option if you have specific questions in mind and do not feel like you need more time to discuss related issues. 45-minute appointments are recommended when you have more than one question or broader concerns in mind that could take some additional time to think through or share with your Guide. If you are unsure of how much time you need, choose the option that allows you not to feel rushed. You can always make additional follow-up appointments.

Generally, appointments can be booked as soon as the next day and no more than three weeks in advance.

Please email your Academic Guide in advance if you know you will be late to your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment and did not notify your Academic Guide, then your Guide will cancel the consultation and may ask you to reschedule.

If you’d like to reschedule your appointment, first cancel the appointment you can no longer attend and then select another appointment time in your Academic Guide’s calendar.

You may cancel your appointment by using the appointment email you received when the appointment was booked or by emailing your Academic Guide directly.

Faculty and Staff

Academic Guides are eager to collaborate with faculty and staff on just about anything related to the community’s academic interests. We aim to enhance the academic community within the residence halls, and all innovative approaches are welcome. These may include discussion groups, presentations, workshops, or any other idea we could implement in the Quads.

As one of many resources on campus for students, Academic Guides are immediately available to help students find their way. You can reach out to an Academic Guide as part of the larger student support team (including, but not limited to, Duke Reach, CAPS, DuWell, the ARC, and the AAC).