Subject:  Meeting to discuss undergraduate research opportunities in [topic/possible undergraduate research opportunities]

Dear Professor* [Last Name],

I am a [year] student studying [major]. I am very interested in your work on [specific paper/presentation/project]. I would appreciate the chance to talk with you about your research in [topic] and about possible undergraduate opportunities in your lab.

My experience in [describe your research experience or classes you have taken related to research design or methods] has helped me realize that I would like to continue a path of research on [topic], which will ultimately allow me to [academic and/or career goal].

We could schedule an appointment, or I can drop by your office hours on [day and time if the person holds office hours].

I have attached my resume and unofficial transcript.  If there is additional information that I have not included that you would like, I would be happy to provide it to you.

Thank you for your consideration.


*Use the title they use for themselves. If they haven’t specified, “Professor [Last Name]” is preferred.